Our lives have become more convenient, comfortable, and affluent with each passing day.

On the other hand, when we look at the environment we live in, we find that air pollution is a major problem, from smells in kitchens and toilets, to exhaust gas and drains, factory smoke, bad smells from agriculture and livestock, and pollen, which is known as an allergen. In addition, the pollution and odor of rivers caused by domestic wastewater and factory effluents, the decrease in aquatic life, and the massive outbreak of insect pests are also causing various adverse effects. How can we solve these problems?

We wanted to improve the environment by using natural ingredients to activate the natural self-cleaning action and increase the decomposition capacity. That naturally occurring ingredient was the decomposition action of pineapple enzymes.

A spray deodorizer is available for home use, and a powdered deodorizer as well as a spray is available for pets.

Enzymes are also used to improve the water quality of factory wastewater, rivers, etc., to counter odors related to livestock, and to improve the soil to restore the soil strength of rice paddies and fields.

With the power of these enzymes, we will strive to help restore a rich environment that is friendly to people, animals, and nature.


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